The Why of Psi: Getting a Handle on Thermal Bridging

by Tad Everhart

Thermal bridge analysis got you down? 

Join Chris Petit and Rolf Jacobson, CertiPHIers Cooperative’s Psi Guys, in a four-hour thermal bridge solutions workshop, Thursday, April 6th during the PHnw annual conference in Olympia.

Chris and Rolf will illustrate:

  • the concept of thermal bridges,
  • common details including thermal bridges
  • effects on thermal performance,
  • PHI and PHIUS protocols for modeling,
  • strategies to avoid or mitigate thermal bridges, and
  • modeling software.

In particular, Chris and Rolf will demonstrate high-performance modeling software, 
highlighting Flixo utility, speed, and power compared to other programs.


Chris Petit 
is a Certified Passive House Designer with CertiPHIers Cooperative in Chicago.

Rolf Jacobson is a 
Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Registration is $75, and CertiPHIers Cooperative is donating all proceeds to PHnw.