Passive House Northwest Mission

Passive House Northwest is a group of Certified Passive House Consultants and other individuals and organizations whose goal is to promote highly energy efficient construction through implementation of the passive house concept.

We are motivated by the long-term protection of the environment and climate; the promotion of sustainability, quality, and durability in building construction; the creation of a built environment that is healthy for its inhabitants; and the advancement of energy independence and the reduction of operating costs for building occupants and owners.

The strategies that we employ are: building and strengthening the Passive House community by facilitating communication and resource sharing; collecting and disseminating knowledge and facilitating education on the Passive House standard and developments in the field; practicing outreach through publicity and providing information to the general public; advocating for policies promoting Passive House as well as the protection of the standard; collaborating with other regional, national, and international Passive House organizations, as well as other related organizations; and promoting regional production of building elements needed for Passive House construction.