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Passive House Northwest is working to move the high performance building industry in our region to a place of leadership nationally and worldwide. We support professionals and organizations involved in high performance building, provide a forum for exchanging and disseminating expertise, and bring opportunities to member businesses by raising their public profile. In addition to these tangible benefits, PHnw also offers its membership participation in a community of shared purpose - as one PHnw board member put it:

"I value the opportunity to work with others interested in high performance/low energy buildings so that the knowledge and expertise within the group grows in a synergy of effort. Since awareness of how to address key energy conservation issues in buildings is in need of development, my membership in PHNW will be an asset to better 'know what I do not know'. Similarly, I have an interest in sharing what I learn with a growing number of professionals who can collectively have a positive impact on the built environment, energy use, sustainability, and climate change."

PHnw Memberships are annual, based on the calendar year. By joining now, you will help  Passive House Northwest continue its success. If you are a current Member, please check your Profile page to see until when your Membership is valid. From there you can renew your membership before the end of the year once you've received your first renewal notice. If your Membership has already expired, please use the renewal form here.

We offer several different levels of membership:

Business Membership

Benefits include:

  • Membership and Participation in the PHnw community
  • A listing and page in the PHnw website’s Passive Pages directory of high performance building professionals, products and services. All member businesses and organizations are listed under the category of their choice. Additional listing categories may be purchased. All member businesses and organizations with a Certified Passive House Consultant on staff receive an additional listing under the CPHC category.  
  • Use of the PHnw Member Business or Member Organization logo as authorized by PHnw policy.  
  • Discounts on registration for PHnw events. Larger businesses and organizations receive 12 discounts. Mid-sized businesses and organizations receive 8 discounts. Smaller Businesses and organizations receive 3 discounts.
  • Larger business and organizations, with more than 3 employees, may join at the yearly rate of $350.
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  • Smaller business and organizations, with up to 3 employees, may join at the yearly rate of $125.
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Individual Membership

Benefits include:

You may also join by sending a check to:

Passive House Northwest
8036 River Drive SE, Suite 200
Tumwater, WA 98501

Please include your name, address, phone number, and email.

Students interested in joining may contact us for information on Student Memberships at a reduced rate – please include information on the program in which you are currently enrolled.

Electronic Communications Consent
In conducting the business of PHnw, I consent to receive notices transmitted, and participate in elections conducted, electronically. Such communications may be transmitted to me at the email address used for member registration.