June President's Message

To build on last month’s message regarding outreach with similarly-aligned organizations, PHnw is proud to support the Build Local Alliance’s Summer Event (you likely received an e-flyer a few days ago), which features a Portland Passive House by Hinge Build Group.  The project goes low-carbon not just from its expected low-energy load, but also with its materials' embodied energy, including reused materials from the original house and by sourcing all new wood from Oregon forests (and as FSC-certified).

I’m also really excited for the Grand Opening of the Orchards next Monday!  With 57 units of affordable housing, it’ll be North America’s largest multifamily Passive House - a thrilling accomplishment, and in our own backyard.  Job well done, to all those involved (many of whom are members of PHnw)!

Details on both events are below.  Hope to see you there!

Michelle Jeresek

President, PHnw