May President's Message

The PHnw Board of Directors recently held our annual day-long retreat, at which we recap the conference, consider the year ahead, and re-visit Board positions.  At this meeting, Alex Boetzel concluded his tenure as President. Our gratitude for Alex's hard work and leadership is deep.  I’m humbled to have been elected to follow in his footsteps as PHnw's new president, and look forward to supporting the organization and our members.

I see an exciting year ahead.  In the shadows of an exceptional PHnw 6 conference in Seattle, the Directors have committed themselves to steadier outreach throughout the year, both to our members and with similarly-aligned organizations.  And while we’re considering year-long outreach, we’ve also started planning next year’s conference, PHnw 7, in Portland, slated for late-February or early March. Your thoughts on venues, speakers, and otherwise are always welcome, send us an email at [email protected].

Lastly, in recent Board elections, you voted to re-elect Wayne Apostolik, Jim Burton, Joe Giampietro, Markus Kolb, and added a new Director, Josh Salinger, to our Board.  Welcome, Josh!

Looking forward –

Michelle Jeresek

President, PHnw