April President's Message

A big thank you to all attendees of last week's PHnw6 - it truly was the best event to date!  Also, a huge thank you to our sponsors and vendors, without whom this event would not have been possible.  And a personal big thank you to the incredible team of volunteers who put so much effort and care in preparing the event:  Joe Giampietro, Hayden Robinson, Albert Rooks, and Michelle Jeresek.

If you missed any of the presentations, we will soon make many of them available online, so please check the next newsletter for details.   We will also provide the video recording of interviews with presenters in the upcoming weeks.

Again, thank you for helping us making PHnw6 the great event that it was.

And mark your calendar for PHnw7 on February 25, 2016 in Portland!

Alex Boetzel
President, PHnw