New Website, New Newsletter, New Conference!


NEW is the exciting news at Passive House Northwest!!  

What is currently emitting a soft red and white glow from your screen is in fact PHnw’s NEW Website!

Beginning with this posting, our new website and our up-to-date and easy-to-read newsletter will be our vehicles for bringing you news and information.  News not only of the things PHnw is up to (more of that below!), but also the latest from the Passive House and high-performance community in the PNW, the West coast, North America and internationally.  Information I know you will find useful in your work as a Passive House professional as well as an energy efficient construction enthusiast.
Passive House NW will bring you updates on the industry leading projects our region is known for.  We will keep you informed of upcoming local and regional not-to-miss events featuring experts from PHnw and across the sustainable building community – experts not only in high-performance, but deeply sustainable building in general.

This brings me to my most anticipated moment of the year as president of an organization that not only sprung up within days after our region was introduced to the Passive House idea, but whose members and volunteers continue to lead the market.  A community creating and supporting projects that combine expertise with award-winning design – truly creating a shift in how the industry views what is possible in the field of energy efficiency.
For the past months, some incredibly dedicated people have worked tirelessly putting together the next installment of what has come to be known as one of the most important events in the North American Passive House community.  Packed with knowledge and expertise – as you have come to expect it – and attended by leaders of the industry, practitioners and manufacturers alike, I have the pleasure to announce:

PHnw 6 - Beyond Passive House
March 26th + 27th 2015

- Two tracks of morning and afternoon 4-hour workshops for experienced professionals
- Keynote address featuring Lloyd Alter, architect and managing editor of TreeHugger

- Two keynote addresses featuring:
            • Gunter Lang, CEO at Lang Consulting and head of Passivhaus Austria 
            • Steve Hallett, of Purdue University, author of The Efficiency Trap and co-author of Life Without Oil
- Three presentation tracks on low-energy-use building and related topics
- High-performance building products and services tradeshow

We would love to see you there again this year, and in order to make it even easier we are offering deep discounts for early registrations.  Click here and head on over the PHnw 6 website and sign up today.

But wait!  Before you do that, I should mention, PHnw also has completely overhauled this member website!

It is always a goal for PHnw to increase the recognition of the Passive House Standard in the region as well as to add member benefits – matching and reflecting the exceptional know-how in the Pacific Northwest.  That is not always easy with a volunteer organization and given the great work happening in the high-performance building community.  However, the new mechanics of the website, like this posting, is an indication of PHnw’s commitment to elevate and advance all things Passive House.  This website is better for members:
- Much easier to navigate
- Unlimited access for members to presentations from previous events.
- Browse the up-to-date calendar of events (send us yours and we are happy to include it!).
- Signing up for PHnw 6 – of course – as well as renewing your membership.

There are more features to follow soon, so keep visiting.  We are working on the project database showcasing our regional projects!  All this is only possible because of the generous support of you, our members – thank you!
And of course we invite you to visit our sponsors, who also help to make all this happen.

Again, look for more to come soon and of course I am looking forward to welcoming you to PHnw 6 in March, 2015!  I invite you take advantage of the early discounted registration now!
Happy holidays to you and thank you for your continuing support through your membership!

Alexander Boetzel
President, PHnw