11th Annual International Passive House Days!

PHnw joined the international Passive House community with eight Passive House projects that were toured by the public from November 7th to 9th, 2014.


Over 100 guests toured the open Passive Houses, thanks to the tour hosts, several partner organizations promoting our event throughout their websites and calendars, and media coverage of Portland projects by The Oregonian. See Passive House Days: Go Inside Warm Houses Without Furnaces

Although this is the 3rd year in a row that PHnw participated, this is the first year our tours included a multifamily passive house project: The Kiln Apartments where tenant Brooke Budy volunteered to open his apartment. Project architects Augustine Enriquez and David Posada from GBD Architecture assisted Brooke in leading tours. Brooke, a real estate broker with Urban Nest, worked with Kurt Cobb, volunteer publicist, and Tad Everhart to organize and promote PHnw’s tours.

Another first this year: Passive House projects outside Portland and Seattle with “VJ” Jovanovic opening his Shift House in Hood River for tours.

Please thank the following organizations that promoted PHnw’s tours: Earth Advantage, AIA Portland Committee on the Environment, Oregon Environmental Council, NEEA’s Conduit NW, Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, City of Portland, Energy Trust of Oregon, and AESP (Association of Energy Service Professionals). In particular, please thank Erik O. Cathcart of Earth Advantage for preparing several project flyers and a map for Portland tours.

The Oregonian’s coverage playfully pointed out that people living in passive houses still hadn’t turned on their furnaces through the end of October – and never would – because they don’t have furnaces. The Oregonian pointed out that none of the homes had a furnace, but only relatively micro-sized space heating systems.

PHnw’s tours were part of 500 projects worldwide open for tour. Gunter Lang, PHnw’s keynote speaker for PHnw 6 on March 27, 2015, is one of the Austria passive house community’s leaders. Gunter reports that 2,500 people visited 100 open passivhauses in Austria including his beautiful round passivhaus (see videos on Passivhaus Austria's facebook page). Given the combined population of Oregon and Washington is far greater than Austria, we have work to do. Please plan for next year’s tours on November 11-13, 2015.

If you missed the tour and want to see what you missed, there are links to each project here.