Get Involved!

PHnw works because of its volunteers. Build relationships, raise your profile, and join with other smart, motivated people in creating a vigorous and vital Passive House community and cultivating a prosperous market for Passive House businesses and professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Please contact us for info on how to get involved and subscribe to our email list if you haven't done so already. Here are a few specific opportunities:

Board of Directors

Get out of the bleachers and into the game. Meetings of the Board of Directors are listed on the Events Calendar are open to all PHnw members. Join us for policy discussions, strategic planning, and financial oversight. Also consider offering to stand as a director nominee. Skills and expertise ranging from leadership and finance, to graphic design, the law, marketing, and information technology are needed. Directors serve two year terms, elections are held each year.

Executive Committee

Help chart the course. The executive committee, consisting of board officers and others appointed by the board, plans the work of the Board of Directors.

Event Committee

Be part of creating something exceptional. PHnw classes and conferences are highly regarded for their substance and quality. A committee is formed to plan and produce each PHnw event. As well as committee members, great presentation topics and presenters are always needed.

Nomination Committee

Half of the Board of Directors is elected each year. Elections begin with the appointment of a Nominating Committee charged with selecting a slate of candidates. Consider becoming part of the team that assures strong leadership into the future.

Website and Communications Committee

Help get the word out. Between chapter meetings and regional events, and to people outside of our area, the PHnw website is the face of our organization. It provides information about Passive House, events, and the organization. It also publicizes members and their work.


Connect and learn. There are monthly PHnw educational meetings in Portland and Seattle. Come for the content and to be part of the dialog. Stay to build relationships. Connect with chapter leadership to get involved and help make things happen. Or, consider forming a chapter in your community.

Membership Committee

PHnw is its membership. Help us provide service, grow the community, and stay connected. The Membership Committee provides a great opportunity toget to know everyone.

Outreach Committee

Help Passive House grow. From government officials and the general public, to prospective clients and other professionals, everyone needs to know about Passive House.

Education Committee

A primary function of PHnw is maintaining and expanding the expertise of its members and other professionals. Help us make sure that the Northwest stays a leader in high-performance, low-energy building.