Passive House Building Directories

Here you'll find links to various Passive House project databases – both global and regional.

Passive House Northwest Building Directory
PHnw is in the process of developing a regional Passive House Building Directory focused on the Pacific Northwest – stay tuned, and please contact us if you have a project you would like to submit!

Passive House Database (PHI)
A worldwide directory and common project of the Passive House Institute, the Passivhaus Dienstleistung GmbH, the IG Passivhaus Deutschland and the iPHA (International Passive House Association) and Affiliates.

Certified Projects Database (PHIUS)
A directory of projects in the U.S. certified by PHIUS and administered by the Passive House Alliance (PHA).

Certified Passive House Projects (NYPH)
A regional directory of Certified Passive House projects administered by New York Passive House.

Featured Projects (PHCA)
Featured Passive House projects in Canada, administered by Passive House Canada.