Passive House Building Directories

Here you'll find links to various Passive House project databases – both global and regional.

Passive House Northwest Building Directory (PHnw)
The PHnw Building Directory is a listing of passive house buildings in the Pacific Northwest and part of our effort of promote passive house development and construction. We feel it's important to gather momentum, build community, and advance technical development and policy regionally, and that this directory will aid that effort. 

If you have a passive house building to contribute to the PHnw Building Directory, please contact us! The qualifications for eligible projects are:

  • submitting party must be a current PHnw member (you can join here if you’re not currently a member)
  • the building must be located in the Pacific Northwest region
  • the building must have been modeled to either PHI or PHIUS protocol using the PHPP or WUFI Passive
  • its modeled performance must come reasonably close to meeting the targeted passive house standard
  • at least one blower door test must have been completed

Passive House Database (PHI)
A worldwide directory and common project of the Passive House Institute, the Passivhaus Dienstleistung GmbH, the IG Passivhaus Deutschland and the iPHA (International Passive House Association) and Affiliates.

Certified Projects Database (PHIUS)
A directory of projects in the U.S. certified by PHIUS and administered by the Passive House Alliance (PHA).

Passive House California Member Projects (PHCA)
A directory of projects by members of Passive House California. A map is available as well.

Certified Passive House Projects (NYPH)
A regional directory of Certified Passive House projects administered by New York Passive House.

Featured Projects (PHCA)
Featured Passive House projects in Canada, administered by Passive House Canada.