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PHIUS-trained Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®) are leading the adoption of passive building from coast to coast by designing and building quality-assured projects across all of North America's varied climate zones. Join a robust community of passive building practitioners and register for CPHC training today!

Phase I – log in & start learning immediately upon successful Application & Registration

Phase II – Dec. 11 - 15 • Seattle-area, WA (Master Builders Association of King County, Bellevue, WA)
CPHC Exam – 1:00 pm, December 15

Phase II also offered at the following dates/locations:
Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 • Burlington, VT
Dec. 4 - 8 • Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 15 - 19 • New York City

Additional offering:
        CPHC Training 100% In-Class (Phase I+II combined)
        January 20 – 28, Yestermorrow, Vermont